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Trying to Plan An Australian Road Trip

In the past week we’ve started trying to plan an Australian road trip. However, trying to fit it all in to our budget is proving difficult. It doesn’t help that we’re wanting to do it in the peak season but we’re trying our best to sort it out. With that being said, we might have to push it back a couple of weeks until February, if it reduces the price slightly. I’m not going to go in to the actual itinerary just yet, I’ll just talk about the stuff that has to be organised for the road trip.

Camper-Van Hire

Driving down the coast in a camper is the dream. There are so many locations to stop at along the way that the bus services don’t stop at but it’s where the real difficulty comes in. The lowest price we have seen so far is $35 per day. That’s not including the insurance (extra $30 per day). If we never took the insurance option, we would have to pay a $3000 excess bond – also not great. Then some nights we would have to stay at a paid camp site but the prices vary and can be pretty reasonable. Also, Australia is a MASSIVE country, which means driving from Cairns-Melbourne is going to burn A LOT of fuel which could be quite costly.

However, there is a useful app called CamperMate that shows you all the camp sites and prices in the area (including free ones – WOO!). Once we actually get on the road and start using it, I’ll do a review of the app and let you know how easy it is to use and what features it has!

Adventures Along The Way

Of-course just driving down the coast would be epic but having adventures and activities along the way would make it so much better. We have so many ideas on what we want to do; dive at the Great Barrier Reef, Skydive over the Reef, couple of days on Fraser Island and Whitsundays to name a few. We’ve been looking at booking them all individually through the separate companies and pricing them up that way but we are also taking into consideration that the travel agents like Peter Pans or Backpackers World Travel could give us a package deal which might save a bit of money.


Our accommodation all depends on what method of travel we can afford. If we manage to get a camper, then we’ll be staying in that. If not… then most likely it will be hostels all the way down. Sometimes though, travel agents are able to add in nightly accommodation to your itinerary which could potentially work out cheaper for us, just need to wait to hear back from the different companies. 

Alternative Options

Our other option is to book a bus pass from Cairns-Melbourne on a hop-on, hop-off style. In a way, it would be similar to the Kiwi Experience (Subscribe Now To Get 5% Off). Going for a bus pass would still be an amazing way to do the trip and we would meet so many people that way. However, there are quite a few stops along the way that we would have to miss. We’ll just have to wait and see what kind of sacrifices we might have to make.

We are also looking in to renting a car for the duration of the trip. It could potentially work out a little cheaper to rent but it would also mean some uncomfortable nights sleep AND having to pay for hostels along the way. We’ll just need to see how it all goes!

Hopefully by Christmas we’ll start to get the ball rolling and start booking our trip. We’ve made this A LOT more stressful than it actually needs to be. The joys of properly travelling for the first time! I’ll keep you all up-dated on how it’s going. In the mean-time, if you’ve ever done a road-trip in Australia, what advice would you give to help myself and others looking to do it?

Thanks for reading!


Talk about living the dream! 

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