Waitomo, The Caves and Glow-Worms

Waitomo Caves (2)

What a time I had at Waitomo! Loved every minute of it. This is where I done my first proper activity – Black Water Rafting Labyrinth. Because the weather wasn’t too great there wasn’t much we could do but we made the most of it.


For the night we stayed in the Kiwi Paka hostel. Its a small village and pretty limited on where to stay so they charge $35 – most expensive hostel yet. It was nice wee place though and had a pub just at the side! If your ever there, ask for the big bottle of Speights – only $13 for nearly a litre instead of $8/$10 for a pint. The rooms were lovely too, nice and warm for a change!

Labyrinth Black Water Rafting/ Glow Worms

This was A LOT better than I had expected, I was expecting to be in a rubber ring going through caves and looking at the glow worms. Thats not the case though, we got wet suits and helmets and were actually climbing through small narrow caves and jumping into the water from heights. What an experience. We done all this, a bit of relaxing and seeing the worms then more climbing. The guides we had made it all the better, so funny and full of banter. If you find yourself stuck for something to do in Waitomo – go to the Black Water Rafting.

I spent the rest of my night in the pub with everyone from the bus. Everyones speaking and having a good laugh, such a good atmosphere. We tried to stay up to watch the Sweden/England game but unfortunately they didn’t have it on the tele here and the pub shut at 12. They offered us the conference room but no luck on that TV either. So off to bed we went, next adventure is HOBBITON!! – so excited for it!

Once I have the photos from the caves, I’ll put them up on this blog.

One Love,



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