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Things To See Between Cairns And Townsville

Are you travelling between Cairns and Townsville and wondering what you could see? There is plenty of sights along the way! Here are a few places that I stopped at…

Babinda Boulders

The Babinda Boulders are located about 8km west of Babinda. If it’s a hot day, there is a massive fresh water river that is safe to in. The water is crystal clear and looks spectacular! Or you can go for a short walk to see the fast flowing river and the titular ‘Babinda Boulders’

Josephine Falls

The Josephine Falls are located off the Bruce Highway between Babinda and Innisfail. Again, there is a fresh water river that you can swim in but if I’m honest, it doesn’t look as nice as at Babinda Boulders. The waterfall on the other hand is gorgeous and definitely worth taking a break from the road.

Mission Beach

I’ve heard nothing but great things about Mission Beach. When we went though… it was overcast and raining. The sea was extremely choppy and there was a high risk of stingers. It’s a shame because I can imagine that on a nice day, the beach would be fantastic! Not to mention the area looked like a nice place to kick back and relax!

Golden Gumboot

The Golden Gumboot of Tully, such a strange landmark. It’s there for a specific reason though. The height of the boot is to represent the total amount of rainfall that Tully had in one year. It stands at a whopping 7.9metres!

Murray Falls

Out of all the waterfalls and rivers in this list, Murray Falls definitely takes 1st place. The sheer size and power from this beautiful waterfall is impressive. It’s located around 38km west of Tully. You can’t swim next to the falls as the strong current makes it dangerous. However, about a 5 minute walk down stream, there is a little area that is safe for swimming.

Hinchinbrook Island

Just off the coast of Cardwell, you’ll find Hinchinbrook Island. Unfortunately due to weather, we had to give it a miss and I’m gutted! There is plenty to do and see on the island along with view points along the road on the mainland. If you can’t make it to the island, make sure you stop and appreciate the view!

So thats a few things to see between Cairns and Townsville. There’s A LOT more that I could go on about but I wanted to keep it to a minimum. If you think I’ve missed something good, let me know in the comment section below!

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