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Why Everyone Should Have A Bucket List

Why Should You Have A Bucket List?

– Set Yourself Goals

By creating a bucket list, it gives you something to strive for and setting yourself goals is such an important part of life. Working towards them keeps you motivated and looking forward then completing them gives you a sense of achievement and happiness. I know it did for me anyway, visiting Hobbiton was at the top of my Bucket List and I was ecstatic when I finally got there! The best thing is that once you complete one, you can replace it with something else and become more ambitious and adventurous.

– Have Adventures & Explore

Not everyone has an adventurous mind-set but it’s important to have adventures and explore the world. It may be to climb one of the seven summits, trek through the Amazon or even skydive over a specific place. You never know what you could find out about yourself when you’re pushing yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone. Go out and explore while you can!

– See The World

In relation to having adventures and exploring, you see more of the world. Not everything on your list is going to be local to you. It gets you out, into the world and seeing things you never knew existed. For instance, imagine you wanted to see as many different football stadiums as possible, you would experience so many amazing places along the way.

– Get Over Fears

Everyone is scared of something, whether it be heights, spiders or even the sea. My point is, have something on your list that is going to combat that fear. If you’re scared of the sea (totally understand if you’ve watched Jaws) then try going scuba diving and witnessing the beauty of the underwater world. I’m absolutely terrified of spiders and now I’m living in Australia and learning to deal with them, it’s helping me get over it. I’m not saying it will totally go away, I’ll always find spiders terrifying but I can actually look at one without wanting to be sick now!

– Make Memories & Create A Legacy

Think of when you get old and look back on life. Make it unforgettable. Live your life with no regrets and leave a legacy for your kids and grand-children. You can sit and tell them all your stories and that  will give them something to aspire to and keep the list going.

– Be More Interesting

My mates have a saying, “no one remembers the guy that sat in all night” and they are right! Everyone is interesting in their own way but get out and do more. Make your life more interesting. Imagine someone asks you what you have done over the past few months, would you rather say “not a lot really, sat about and relaxed” OR “I went to … and done such and such”. I know what I would prefer.

– Learn More

Life is all about learning. Think about things that you want to learn about and push yourself to do it. It could be to learn to play an instrument or to speak another language, it could even be learning about different cultures around the world and experiencing them first hand. Learning something, no matter how big or small is satisfying and it gives you a sense of accomplishment. Especially when you push yourself to do it.

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